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Raindrop Earrings

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Designed with both style and comfort in mind, these earrings feature secure and comfortable CZ posts that make them suitable for all-day wear. The lightweight construction ensures effortless wearability, allowing you to shine from morning to night.

The Black gemstones evoke a sense of mystery and allure, adding a touch of drama to your look. The Aqua-colored gemstones, on the other hand, exude a refreshing and vibrant energy, creating a captivating pop of color. The CZ (Cubic Zirconia) posts add an extra touch of sparkle and elegance. These shimmering accents enhance the overall allure of the earrings and frame your face with a radiant glow, capturing the attention of everyone around you.




-16k gold plated stainless steel post

-glass gemstones

Care information

To prolong the life of your items, it is best to remove before swimming, showering or applying lotion. Avoid oils/perfumes to last. Store in cloth jewelry bag. If exposed to the products above, tarnishing may occur as well as from certain skin’s PH levels.