Handmade + Designed In San Diego, CA.

bungalowBlonde Jewelry :

Casual + Elevated Boho Luxe Style Jewelry. I hope you wear bungalowBlonde Jewelry as inspiration, strength + confidence for all your adventures ahead. 

bungalowBlonde Jewelry is created for the everyday adventurer, dreamer and introvert in all of us.
For the ones on a path to find their voice and let it be heard;
For those choosing to evolve instead of repeat;
For those who share joy in seeing others succeed and who also become inspired by it;
And for those who may not know how powerful they really are yet.

For me, creating jewelry is about the thrill that each piece can bring and the anticipation of what’s to come. Excitement to travel, discover and explore. When my pieces are on, I want those wearing them to be glowing, confident and full of excitement, ready to take on any life adventure. To me, those are the most powerful pieces-those that feel that good on.


 Owner + Designer of bungalowBlonde Jewelry ::

Halle M. Kost (Cleveland --> San Diego)
   Although in retail leadership for over 20 years, making jewelry has been a forever goal of mine.  For years I shied away from beginning as without a background in jewelry making, I felt I may never be as good as those already out there.  But as we all know, the hardest part is actually just starting.  After making a tough decision to move away from my family, friends and my VP of Operations career at an elevated woman's boutique and move across country with my husband from Ohio to Las Vegas (and now San Diego, California) I stumbled upon the start of my dream to make jewelry.
   It was almost my 37th birthday and after moving over 1800 miles away from home, I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend it with my family so I decided to start making something that would help me feel as if I was close to them. 
   Growing up, Dad was always showing my sister and I how to draw, trace engineer design stencils he had around the house and make all kinds of art.  Mom would let us make a mess of the living room on craft days, making magnets out of felt, crazy eyes, pipe cleaners with all kinds of fun craft supplies. Creating was a skill I devoured when I was little and one that I'm still addicted to today. 
   So to celebrate my birthday while being away from home, I did the one thing that made me feel like I was close to them and I made myself a beach style tassel necklace, celebrating the new tropical-like weather I now lived in.  Creating and wearing that tassel necklace was and still is like being able to have a piece of home with me wherever I go.  And that’s how it started. I created a birthday tassel necklace for myself and I haven't stopped creating since. 
How I love utilizing my craft of making jewelry to help others...
Donate To:
   -Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
   -Big Life Foundation
   -local charitable efforts in bringing warm meals to those in need
   -Black Lives Matter
   -JuneBug NOLA Productions