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Melody Pearl Earrings :: 14k Gold Filled

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Embrace the warmth of Autumn with our Fall-inspired Melody Earrings. Adorned with the rich, earthy hues of lustrous white and deep black freshwater pearls, these earrings capture the essence of the season. Suspended elegantly from a 24k gold chain, they combine the timeless beauty of pearls with the cozy charm of Fall, making them the perfect accessory for the season's festivities.


-Freshwater Pearls

-14k Gold Filled




Gold filled items are durable & tarnish resistant, suitable for daily wear and are also water resistant. The longevity of either type (gold-plated and gold-filled) is dependent on the wear, environment, and care taken. If well cared for, gold-filled items can last a lifetime. While gold-filled jewelry is water-resistant, it is best to avoid wearing in swimming pools and/or the ocean as chlorine and salt water may cause tarnishing. Clean with warm water and dry with a soft untreated cloth as to not scratch the gold. Store in a dry area.  

*Store freshwater pearls in soft cloth bag as to not get scratched by any other items.

Care information

To prolong the life of your items, it is best to remove before swimming, showering or applying lotion. Avoid oils/perfumes to last. Store in cloth jewelry bag. If exposed to the products above, tarnishing may occur as well as from certain skin’s PH levels.