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Malibu Lotus Necklace :: 24k Gold Filled

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Discover the spirit of safari style and the allure of world travel with our Gold-Filled Statement Necklace featuring five elegant White Agate Horns. Handcrafted with care, this necklace embodies the untamed beauty of the wild and the sophistication of resort fashion. The gold-filled chain adds a touch of luxury, making it a versatile accessory for your global adventures. Embrace the essence of safari chic with this striking necklace, reflecting your love for conscious and captivating fashion.


-24k Gold Filled

-White Agate




Our Gold-Filled items offer exceptional durability and high resistance to tarnishing, making them ideal for everyday wear and providing water resistance as well. The longevity of both gold-plated and gold-filled pieces depends on factors like wear, environment, and proper care. With attentive maintenance, gold-filled items can last a lifetime. However, it is recommended to refrain from wearing them in swimming pools or the ocean, as exposure to chlorine and saltwater may cause tarnishing. For cleaning, use warm water and a soft untreated cloth to preserve the gold's shine, and store them in a dry area.

Please handle and wear the delicate White Agate beads with care, as they can be susceptible to damage if dropped.

Care information

To prolong the life of your items, it is best to remove before swimming, showering or applying lotion. Avoid oils/perfumes to last. Store in cloth jewelry bag. If exposed to the products above, tarnishing may occur as well as from certain skin’s PH levels.