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Antigua Beaded Necklace :: Saffron

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Elevate your resort wardrobe with the Antigua Necklace, a stunning blend of Ashanti glass beads, bone, and brass. Available in five vibrant colors, this exquisite piece captures the essence of luxurious getaways and effortless style adding a touch of exotic elegance to any ensemble.

*Pairs beautifully with the WHITE Barbuda Necklace

The Ashanti glass beads are created using a unique African technique perfected over the past 1000 years. The process involves collecting discarded glass bottles and other glass materials, which are then cleaned, crushed into a fine powder, and used to create the vibrant and unique beads through traditional methods. Various colors of pulverized glass are poured into a clay mold, with a cassava stem inserted to form the bead's hole. The mold is then heated in a furnace until the glass particles fuse together without melting, and the cassava stem burns away. This intricate process has been a cherished tradition among Ghanaians since the 1600s that's not only a sustainable practice but also supports environmental conservation efforts.




-Ghana Ashanti Recycled Glass

-Hand-carved ethically sourced cow bone of Nepal.

-Brass Beads

-14k Gold Filled Toggle Closure


Avoid Water Exposure: Keep your necklace dry. Avoid wearing it while swimming, showering, or during heavy exercise to prevent damage to the glass beads and other materials.  Cleaning: Gently wipe the beads with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage the glass, bone, or brass components.  Storage: Store your necklace in a cool, dry place, ideally in a soft pouch or jewelry box. This helps prevent scratches and tangling.  Handling: Handle with care. The glass beads, although durable, can chip or break if dropped or subjected to heavy impact.  Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colors of the beads to fade. Store your necklace away from direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant colors.


Care information

To prolong the life of your items, it is best to remove before swimming, showering or applying lotion. Avoid oils/perfumes to last. Store in cloth jewelry bag. If exposed to the products above, tarnishing may occur as well as from certain skin’s PH levels.

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