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 Colorful Waterproof Zip Travel Bags? YES PLEASE!!!...But make them even prettier!

If I could put a bag inside a bag, inside another bag, just to feel super organized, l would...and I actually do.  So when I came across these pretty little waterproof zipper bags, I knew they would fit perfectly in my equation!  I use them when I take my jewelry business on the road with me and they work brilliantly.  The separater inside makes keeping less of a mess inside, especially when traveling with small charms and jewelry findings.  

My motto has always been, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing PRETTY", so I decided to add a gold vinyl seashell sticker and beach style charms on the zipper.  They turned out super cute and can go from suitcase to purse with how cute they are.  Would also make for a super fun bridesmaids gift or holiday gift.  Fill with fun travelables like gum, snacks, asprin, pens and notepad, hand sanitizer, etc! 

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So CUTE!! Modern Minimalist FOAM Soap Dispensers