Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide
Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide
Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide
Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide
Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide

Diving Into Your Business : Templates + Guide

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  The foundation of any successful business is a basic understanding of the business numbers. 

  It can be overwhelming to learn what numbers to focus on but also, how to organize that information.  Although new to owning my own business, having over 20+ years experience in retail management and operations for both large companies and small boutiques, has helped me better understand what basic business numbers I need to focus on in order to drive my business. Pair that with my love for organization and Google Docs and you get Diving Into Your Business - a Google Sheets template (with pre-filled out formulas) that will help organize the tracking of your business numbers so you can get back to focusing on the parts you love about your business.

  One of the greatest parts about running my own business is the people I meet and the connections I am making.  Supporting other small business owners and helping each-other is how a community (near and far) thrives!  Which is why I want to share this information with you.  If you have just started your own small business and are interested to learn what I use to track my business numbers, add Diving Into Your Business Guide + Template to your cart now.  My hope is that this guide will help you to organize and track the key metrics of your business so you can focus on growing your business.

IMPORTANT: **In order to download Diving Into Your Business Template + Guide, you will need to enter your email upon checkout.  You will be able to download the Guide after checkout HOWEVER, the link to download the actual Google Sheet Templates will be in your email.  Upon download, it will prompt you to MAKE A COPY.  If you want to actively use this template for your business, make sure to click MAKE A COPY so you can edit the spreadsheet instead of just viewing it.



  1. A download to Diving Into Your Business Guide (10 pages)with instructions on how to use the spreadsheets.
  2. A download to Diving Into Your Business Templates- three (3) interactive Google Sheets to use for your growing business.
  • Sales By Month Tracking (focuses on profit, upt, atv, and social media growth)
  • Sales By Category Tracking (calculates what percentage of business each category is pulling in each month)
  • Expenses (a simple sheet to track all your expenses and auto-fills in on the Sales By Month sheet so it’s that much easier for you!)

DISCLAIMER: This template is a basic way to organize and track a few key metrics of your business.  While I am by no means a financial expert or business guru, being able to track these metrics in an organized way has helped me to better understand my business and learn how to drive sales.

TERMS OF USE: Copyright Diving into your business © 2021. Design, text and spreadsheets are copyrighted and for personal use only. Redistribution, reselling or sharing it with others without obtaining prior written permission from the owner is prohibited.

If you have any questions or difficulty in downloading, please contact me directly at hallemariekost@gmail.com