Home Decor To Elevate Your Space

Home Decor To Elevate Your Space

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions on qualified purchases from any of the links below, at ZERO cost to you.  However! I have purchased all items listed below myself, and fell in LOVE with each and every one, so I had to share! I hope you fall in love too :)
Home decor to elevate your space so you can feel like you're in paradise, even when your not.  But when you find yourself actually headed to paradise, and you (or the kids) love listening to a good book on your way to pass time, listen to thousands of titles all you want, whenever you want with an Amazon Audible FREE trial for 30-days HERE.  ($7.95/mth after 30 days. Cancel anytime)


I'll be honest, I buy things when they're like, really pretty

Ok, now THIS is a puzzle and the absolute best way to kick off Fall!! .  I used to puzzle when I was just a tot and I can remember almost every puzzle was either a landscape or a castle.  As my tastes have changed over the years, I now gravitate towards anything...well, pretty.  Like this puzzle by Blanc.  They have so many great designs but I just couldn't resist the colors and beautiful architecture of this one.  Makes for an amazing birthday gift too or pair with a bottle of wine all for yourself! That's exactly what I did. Great with coffee too! This one is so pretty, I may even whip out my Modge Podge to secure, frame and hang!! Click HERE to view the prettiest puzzle!

My other pretty little puzzle I purchased.....a nice easy 300 piece. Click on image to view exact item on Amazon



 Oh yes, these WILL be a hit at your next friend or family get together!

So there I was...enjoying a nice glass of wine on a cool summer's evening...ok ok. I was not. It was around 2:00pm in the afternoon and I decided to have a Happy Hour all to myself to celebrate..something.  I had one glass of wine and yadda yadda yadda, a few days later these arrive. Haaha.  I'm not sure if I was more shocked or impressed with my Amazon ordering choices, however, they have already paid for themselves in the laughs I get from neighbors and face-timing friends and family.  Do yourself a favor...BUY THESE NOW. (Glass of wine is optional.) Dots roll around inside too! CLICK HERE to view product.



These elevated foam soap dispensers are absolutely stunning!! A moody smoky quartz color with concrete tray will leave your powder-room feeling like a spa resort.  Labels are waterproof and super easy to place on (I suggest placing them closer to the bottom of the bottle so bubbles don't appear as you wrap around the bottle).  And if you mess up, they are easy to take off and try again.  Pair with a couple of white or neutral rolled washcloths and you'll be living the resort-life! Click HERE to view product.



OBSESSED!!! My house has pampass grass in just about every nook and cranny I can fit it!! Was running low as I found more spots to display so I decided to try out Amazon's pampass grass and I fell IN LOVE!! For the price you get enough to fully fill two medium sized vases.  They come with instructions to leave outside in the sun for a few hours to help fluff up and then spray with hairspray to secure.  If you don't spray with hairspray, you will have little fluffy seedlings floating around the house and on the floor, but only as you move the pampass grass around.  I WILL be buying more soon! Click HERE to view product. 



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